The name “Țara Vrancei” given to this Local Action Group derives from the old historical province with the same name, mentioned for the first time by Dimitrie Cantemir (a great scholar and voivode of Moldavia) in his masterpiece entitled Descriptio Moldaviae and mentioned for the second time by the writer Alexandru Vlăduță in his work “România Pitorească”. The initiators of the Țara Vrancei LAG decided to name the Group „Țara Vrancei” because it is representative for the area due to the fact that most of the communes from the LAG Țara Vrancei territory overlap the old historical province mentioned by Dimitrie Cantemir in his writings.

The Țara Vrancei LAG was founded in 2005 with the scope of contributing at the rural development through several objectives such as: the development and modernization of some processing and marketing capacities of agricultural products, including modern technologies, innovation and new ideas, as well as facilities to increase business efficiency and productivity and the value of agricultural products, improving the conditions of life of the local community, encouraging the diversification in local activities (agricultural, non-agricultural, cultural activities).

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