The majority of the communes that form the territory of the Țara Vrancei LAG are from the old historical province mentioned by Dimitrie Cantemir in his masterpiece ”Descriptio Moldaviae”. According to a local legend, the name of the Țara Vrancei LAG territory comes from Tudora Vrâncioaia who would have hosted and encouraged the voivode of Moldavia, Ștefan cel Mare who was defeated by the Turks and walked discouraged through the mountains from this land. With the scope of supporting him, Tudora Vrâncioaia sent his sons (Bodea, Spirea, Negrila, Birsan, Spulber, Pavel and Nistor) to gather more young men to help the Voivode to win the fight against the Turks. The name for the majority of the communes that form the Țara Vrancei LAG territory is from the Tudora Vrancioaia’s sons: Vrâncioaia, Bârsești, Păulești, Spulber, Negrilești and Nistorești.

We also add the other communes that round out the Țara Vrancei LAG territory: Cîmpuri, Năruja, Nereju, Paltin, Răcoasa, Tulnici, Valea-Sării, Vidra and Vizantea-Livezi.

Thus, the Țara Vrancei LAG territory is formed from 15 communes, all from Vrancea county with a historical background that represents the local culture, customs and traditions.

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