We let for our descendants the urge to pass on the thoughts and the facts which contributed in raising the Vrancea county, having a guide in life the honesty, affection and the love of people.

Neculai Jechianu
Apostle from Vrancea,
defender of peasantry
Ancient cradle of the marvellous traditions, Țara Vrancei is a glorious picturesque region in which rhythms of life and an ancient folkloric culture pulse, a zone full of natural beauty and ethnographic vestiges, homeland of Miorița, a true “low foothill and a heaven's doorsill” of the Romanian concept.

Nicolae Iorga truly uttered ”The one who will study the history of Țara Vrancei, will discover a small part of the history of this people”, whereas Țara Vrancei of yesteryear and of today is a fairytale land and a land of legend, and through historical facts of its locals became an altar of national conscience. ”.
Only through education and learning we will succeed to strengthen the historical territory Țara Vrancei, we will be able to raise young generations which will know, understand and carry on the Vrancea village.
Local History
No only known, but also popular, Țara Vrancei has a prolonged history which demonstrates the continuity of life from the period of the primitive community system to this day.
The archeological discoveries, along with the historical-ethnographic documents and verbal testimony, sustain the ancient traditions of culture and folkloric civilization from Țara Vrancei.
Traditions, handicrafts
Ancient cradle of the wonderful customs, Țara Vrancei is a well-defined land from the ethnographical point of view, which kept to this day the ancestral traditions, customs and handicrafts.
Local Products
We promote the traditional local products from Țara Vrancei whereas they are products and recipes which have been preserved for hundreds of years, carriers of value and taste and also, they are healthy and authentic.
Cultural Patrimony
In Țara Vrancei, the cultural patrimony is in a strong relation with people, history and nature and the elements of material and immaterial patrimony have always been elements of stability and local unity.
With a good touristic potential, the historical land Țara Vrancei is famous for its cultural elements and folkloric civilization, for its authentic and picturesque traditions but also for the unique natural areas.
Services, Institutions
We provide you with a database with references about the services available in the territory and with the local institutions in Vrancea for a better information of the community.
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